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For your satisfaction, we offer you comprehensive services in all areas of dentistry including the most advanced ones such as ceramic facets, gentle tooth whitening, dental hygiene, implantology, and surgery. We have prepared useful information for you about the services we provide.

Long-term dental care

Long-term dental care has one aim – to maintain the good condition of your teeth for as long as possible. It deals primarily with the treatment of...

Dental hygiene preventative visit

Prevention is better than cure ! It's always better to have regular preventative check-ups, than to have to undergo complicated procedures to resolve...

Root canal treatment

It's necessary to undego this treatment in the case of nerve inflammation or decay (most frequently caused by dental cavities). If this is the case,...

Dental prosthetics

Dental prosthetics are used to replace missing teeth or parts of teeth. They are usually made in the dental laboratory from an imprint. We...


In our practice we use a very high quality combined whitening process. First we prepare a mold for home bleaching according to an imprint of your...

Tooth extraction can be painless

Tooth extraction can be without pain! The most frequent procedure in dental care is tooth extraction due to irreparable damage of the tooth. Our...
Selection of the most frequently performed procedures of our clinic. The prices are only for orientation purposes, it is always necessary to perform an individual examination to determine the exact amount. We strive to provide high quality care using state-of-the-art equipment, quality materials and constantly trying to educate.
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Teeth Whitening

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MUDr. Ondrej Vít, head physician

MUDr. Ondřej Vít

Lead clinician

Ondrej has been practising since he qualified in 2006. From 2010 he has led his own practice. Specialist in preventative care, prosthetics and root canal treatment.

MDDr. Hana Nevriva (Buryšková)


Hana joined our team in 2016. She specializes in preventative care, prosthetics and paediatric dentistry.

MDDr. Martin Sommer


Martin came to ovdent in 2017. He’s a specialist in preventative care, root canal treatment and surgery.

Veronika Volankova


Our experienced hygienist. Treat your teeth to some specialist care.

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